Jackie Huang Linayao
Jackie Huang Linayao
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Fitbit Goal Day


Fitbit Goal Day

In 2015, our team had a unique insight: the third Saturday in May was consistently the highest step-count day for the Fitbit user base.

So we decided to raise the bar even higher, with a social media campaign to motivate Fitbitters to beat their best step day ever.


more in-app challenges than the average Saturday


one of the highest step count days in Fitbit history


Taking it global

Our first Goal Day in 2015 was so successful, we knew we had to do it again in 2016 — and on a way bigger scale!

For the first time, we expanded Goal Day to our Fitbit communities around the world. We also put together a landing page that converted miles (or km) into steps, and recruited our many A-list ambassadors to pledge huge goals of their own.

Finally, we worked with our product team to create a special challenge in the app, as well as a limited-edition Goal Day 2016 badge as extra motivation for our users to crush it.

As a result, Goal Day is now a bona fide, completely Fitbit-owned holiday that delivers huge engagement — and is still going strong.


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