Jackie Huang Linayao
Jackie Huang Linayao
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Fitbit How-To


How to: 

Make instructional videos beautiful

Fitbit's newest products, Blaze and Alta, were the best-looking trackers to date. But along with customizability and a new form factor came a lot of instruction.

Videos were obviously the best way to demonstrate processes like swapping accessory bands or using new on-device features. But how do you infuse a bold brand personality into simple tutorials?

To create videos that would stand out (just like our new products), I worked to concept, style, and art direct clips that looked straight out of a Fitbit user's home.


days to shoot


videos produced


Going with the flow

We also created a companion experience on Fitbit.com, where we could point consumers (particularly from customer service channels).

This provided a branded experience, focused the user on the task at hand, and kept them on the Fitbit website where they could check their stats or browse new products and features.


art direction, ux design, visual design, STYLING