Jackie Huang Linayao
Jackie Huang Linayao
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Fitbit Product Launches


Three generations of trackers

In October 2014, we launched Charge, Charge HR, and Surge. In January 2016, we launched Alta and Blaze, our first trackers with accessories. And in August 2016, we launched Flex 2 and Charge 2.

Each launch was different, but every time we strived to create product pages and landing experiences that portrayed a day in the life of a Fitbit user at the time, and motivated someone to reach their goals.


The evolution of product pages from one generation to the next.



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An integrated approach

For each launch, we made sure to make a splash. In addition to product pages, every launch plan included social media campaigns, email communications with A/B tests, in-app notifications, and more.

These also usually coincided with huge site changes, like the Fitbit Store overhaul or the addition of accessory lookbooks, which I also oversaw.

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Part of our social media launch campaign for Alta, shot and produced in-house with employees as talent


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